Muon Solutions

Detecting the unseen

For mining industry

Consultation and solutions for mining industry

Our decades long history in experimental research in underground physics and geosciences guarantees unique solutions to the challenges your company may be tackling with. One of our strengths is background outside the industry and therefore our innovations are not limited to industry specific solutions.

In short, we can and dare to think outside the box. Whether you are looking for the ways to optimise your operations or looking for solutions to your challenges, we are here to help. You can contact us through our Contact page.

Besides client-specific problem solving projects, we can offer workshops and practical courses on several subjects. Our staff has more than a decade-long experience in science outreach to the general public related to nuclear and particle physics.

Radiation Workshop

General level workshop on radiation and radiation safety for industries using radioactive sources

To whom: These hands-on workshops are suitable not only for mining sector but all industries using radioactivity in their processes. The workshop explains what radioactivity is, why it is used within your processes and how it should be taken into consideration in their daily work and safety.