16 July 2020

We are proud to announce a new peer-reviewed publication on muography we wrote together with Professor Xongxian Zhang from the Oulu Mining School, Oulu University, Finland. The paper is titled “Muography and Its Potential Applications to Mining and Rock Engineering” and was recently published in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. You can read and download […]

27 April 2020 – Mapping of raw material deposits by cosmic-ray induced muons

Cosmic-ray borehole muography is a novel imaging method that detects density variations in soils and underlying rocks. The method can be compared to X-ray imaging as the physical principles of both methods are similar. However, whereas X-ray imaging works only with small objects due to relatively low energies of X-rays, muons can have enormous energies and […]


Muon Solutions has recently been granted an EIT RawMaterials Booster grant of 60 k€ by the Innovation Hub CLC Baltic Sea of the EIT RawMaterials. The funding is meant for testing borehole muography in an underground mine site of our chosen mining company partner. EIT RawMaterials’ mission is to support innovations that develop raw materials […]


The Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining Conference (FEM 2019) is opening soon in Levi, Finland. The 12th biannual FEM brings together over thousand exploration and mining industry leaders, experts and researchers from almost 30 countries. The conference starts on Tuesday 29 Oct 2019. Our company is participating the conference so if you see any of us […]

4 April 2019 – Practical field technique course

Muon Solutions is proud to announce that is in the partnership organising the second AFTEG field course for students of economic geology. The name “AFTEG” stands for ‘Applied Field Techniques in Economic Geology’. The next 6-day long intensive (but practical) field course will be held in the Central Lapland greenstone belt, northern Finland, in May […]

20 March 2019 – Still going on

The team has worked hard in the last few months in various fronts. We have, for example, participated in numerous meetings, symposiums and conferences in an attempt to promote muography as a technique that has a great potential for any project that is interested, or indeed requires, density variation data from solid and liquid objects […]

26 October 2018 – Meet us soon in various conferences & symposiums

Muon Solutions’ representatives hit the road with a jack in November 2018, although some of us take the head start already next week. During a frantic five or so weeks, Muon Solutions is presented in well over ten different events across Central and Northern Europe. We give talks in several of these occasions. Here are […]

12 September 2018 – Muon Solutions expands its service portfolio to ground and borehole geophysical contracting

Muon Solutions (“the Company”) is happy to announce that it has expanded its geophysical service portfolio to geophysical contracting. Hence the company is now able to tackle its clients’ challenges in a very comprehensive manner. With these new additions, Muon Solutions provides a large selection of service types for the Mineral, Environmental, Geotechnical, Archaeological, Civil Engineering and […]

3 August 2018 – We are back on track

After a month long break from updating, we are back almost in full form and ready to hit the ground running. Although we have kept some well-earned vacation days, July did not pass without activity for Muon Solutions. In the R&D side, we have continued to make progress in various fronts. In the exploration service […]