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Green energy and technical consultation

We offer technical consultation and out-of-the-box solutions primarily for the mining industry. However, given that we are very experienced in not only in geology, geochemistry, geophysics, exploration and mining industry, but also in physics, particle physics, software development and electronics, we are unusually well prepared to solve problems that require multidisciplinary approach. Please, just ask if you have a particularly interesting challenge for us to solve. You’ll be surprised what we can do.

Our services for Green Energy sector are primarily geophysical consultation and modelling. Our team is able to assist, for example, early stage geothermal exploration projects by offering project reviews, risk evaluations and optimisation reviews, or performing heat-flow, reservoir and fracture mapping. We also build digital 3D models, characterise reservoirs, conduct energy potential investigations and launch studies for reducing detrimental elements in process waters. We can contribute to geothermal energy projects from shallow (low enthalpy) to ultra-deep (high enthalpy) depths. In addition, we also have experience in geophysical modelling relating to offshore wind power. The wind farms we have been dealing with are located in the offshore of Denmark. Please contact us to learn more.