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Detecting the unseen

Literature reviews, open file searches and related reporting

A literature review is a very important first step in any mineral exploration activity. It is important to know what has already been done and what the results were before beginning a new exploration activity. However, a good literature review does not stop in the evaluation of older works, but includes also an update on the ore deposit model itself and recommendations for the future.

As for compiling literature searches, ordering, assessment or completing summary reports, we are proud to call ourselves experts. When the underlying needs of the given project require a wide understanding of geological processes and inclusion of geosciences in a broad scale, we are very well prepared to deliver you reports that truly benefit your project. Nevertheless, we consider ourselves primarily ‘doers’, i.e. people who combine knowledge and expertise with a very hands-on attitude to work. Our reports are well organised and mirror our hands-on attitude providing you with background information, fresh ideas and step-by-step recommendations.

This service is currently available for projects in the Fennoscandian Shield and hence included projects operating in Finland, Norway and Sweden.