Muon Solutions (“the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into collaboration with Vanguard Geophysics, a Copenhagen-based company providing geophysical consultation and surveys. According to the agreement, the two companies will co-operate to provide high-quality solutions for their clients. Mr. Henrik Sabra, CEO of Vanguard Geophysics, has also been appointed to the role of Chief geophysicist of Muon Solutions. In addition, he has been appointed to the Company’s Advisory Board.

Mr. Sabra has a M.Sc. degree in geophysics and B.Sc. degree in geology, both from Aarhus University, Denmark. His professional career covers almost three decades and wide variety of studies ranging from mineral exploration to construction and mining, and from oil & gas to R&D. He has working experience from all over the world, from almost 40 countries and from numerous different ore deposit types. He has also a lot of experience in geothermal energy studies.

With the addition of Mr. Sabra to the company, Muon Solutions continues to expand its portfolio of services and is now able to serve its clients by incorporating different types of desktop and field geological, mineralogical, geochemical and geophysical studies into a remarkably flexible and knowledge-based experience for its clients. When it comes to geophysics, the Company can now offer different types of geophysical evaluation, integrated inversion and model generation services as well as geophysical feasibility studies and forward modelling.  The Company is also able to generate geological 2D & 3D models, geostatistical reviews and remote sensing and satellite borne model derivations. In addition, the Company can conduct variety types of geophysical ground surveys with its own equipment, including ground magnetic and Pulse EM surveys. Modelling and geophysical data analysis can be addressed by using any or a combination of the following software: Maxwell, Oasis Montaj, Mapinfo, ArcGIS, QGIS, R Statistics, QuickMag, LeapFrog, SurPac, PowerLog, ISIS, Kingdom Suite, GMT and Vis5D.

All in all, we are very happy to welcome Henrik to our team!