Muon Solutions

Detecting the unseen

In-house R&D

Development of Muon Detection Technology

Muon Solutions’ R&D group develops muon detection technology mapping density variations in 3D. The key industries are ore exploration and mining sector, although there are a number of other possible applications.

One particularly interesting device we are developing is a probe that detects muons and fits into standard drill holes. Muons are charged subatomic particles that originate from the interactions of cosmic rays with the atoms in the upper atmosphere. The most interesting aspect of these little minions is that they continuously reach the Earth with the speed near to that of light and a flux that remains almost constant. Muons can keep a quasi-linear trajectory while going through hundreds of meters of rock before decaying or being absorbed. Most muons heading toward our instruments are never detected because soil and rocks stop them well before before they are recorded. However, the muon particles we detect are those that carry the density information of the soil and rock column. For more detailed description of muons and principles of our muon detection technology, see our page about muons.