Muon Solutions

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Corporate Responsibility and Guiding Principles

Muon Solutions Ltd (“Company”) is committed to comply with the following Corporate Responsibility and Guiding Principles:


+ All employees are treating the property and information, including technical and financial data, letters, emails, drawings, computer programs, product developments, price, cost and personal data, of the Company, its Customers and Suppliers as confidential

+ All Company publications, data records and analysis are prepared accurately and honestly

+ Gifts or bribes of significant value are not accepted by the employees or given to Customers

+ The Company aims to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and requires that all its employees conduct its business in accordance with the law

+ The Company continually seeks new ways to minimize its environmental impact in all areas of operation

+ The Company provide all products and services with the quality fully satisfying the requirements by the Customers, as well as the business objectives of the Company

+ Verifying the safety and security of all Company’s equipment to prevent and reduce any impacts due to the Company’s activities

+ The Company is conducting regular safety and security meetings and training for all employees

+ The Company is taking care about the well-being of the employees and is operating in a responsible way towards the employees applying fair and equitable practices

+ The Company is obeying transparent reporting on operations and activities

+ The Company is granting all employees the authority to suspend any operation that constitutes a hazard to the life and health of any person or to the environment or surrounding communities