Muon Solutions’ representatives hit the road with a jack in November 2018, although some of us take the head start already next week. During a frantic five or so weeks, Muon Solutions is presented in well over ten different events across Central and Northern Europe. We give talks in several of these occasions. Here are the ten biggest events we participate in (links in bold):

Our road show starts in Kemi, in the very northern end of the Finnish west coast, where we partake a workshop organised by Arctic Geoinvest on 29th October. Our next stop is in Kokkola, Western Finland, where we give a talk on the Kokkola Material Week (27 Oct-1 Nov) on Tuesday 30th. The international Kokkola Material Week offers annual high-level coverage of current research and development prospects in the chemical, bio-economy and mineral economy sectors.

Next we will land on Poland and participate in BSUIN Underground Laboratory Road Show and Workshop in Wroclaw in 5-7 November. The Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN) project aims to make the underground laboratories in the Baltic Sea region more accessible for innovation, business development and science by improving the information about the underground laboratories, the operation, user experiences and safety. From there we travel to Brussels for partaking the EIT-RawMaterials at the EU Raw Materials Week in 12-16 November. EIT RawMaterials will present the latest news in the raw materials sector, technologies and activities driven by the Knowledge and Innovation Community partners, contributing to Europe’s innovation capacity, environmental and societal impact. At the same time in Finland, we will participate in the Lithosphere 2018 symposium in Oulu in 14-16 November, and probably have a talk there too. After this we will be attending Kairauspäivät 2018 (21st day) and FinnMateria 2018 exhibition (22-23rd), which are both held in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. The latter defines itself as the leading exhibition for mining, metal processing, rock material industry and earth construction in Finland. They also promise to offer the latest knowledge, technology and innovations. Muon Solutions does not have a stand in FinnMateria 2018, but we plan to circle there and represent our innovative solutions for anyone interested to listen. And maybe even for few who do not yet know that they should be interested…

We will also have a representative in the Mines and Money London in 26-29 November, as well as another talk in the upcoming ValueMine workshop in Gällivare, Northern Sweden, on 29 November. ValueMine is a mining and process IT workshop event for SME’s and process industry companies. We will have a talk also in the 13th Finnish Geochemical Days symposium in Oulu, Central Finland, on 28-30 November. And if these opportunities to meet us are not enough to make you happy, we are participating in at least three other events in November alone. Further details on these latter events may or may not come latter.

Please contact us if you would like to have a chat with Muon Solutions in any of the above-mentioned occasions… or anywhere and anytime!