Muon Solutions (“the Company”) is happy to announce that it has expanded its geophysical service portfolio to geophysical contracting. Hence the company is now able to tackle its clients’ challenges in a very comprehensive manner. With these new additions, Muon Solutions provides a large selection of service types for the Mineral, Environmental, Geotechnical, Archaeological, Civil Engineering and Sustainable Energy sectors. These are:

  • A wide range of geological and geochemical desktop and field studies, including sampling services
  • Equally wide range of geophysical desktop studies and contracting services. Read more

Muon Solutions has now reach a key milestone and is able to provide solutions for a very wide range of industries and tasks. The company’s service toolbox contains services and solutions for clients whose challenges require knowledge-based, high-quality and integrated geological, geochemical and geophysical services. All geophysical service types can be fully integrated to any other geological or geochemical services. Browse