HELSINKI, May 29, 2018 – The Finnish-based company Muon Solutions Oy (the “Company”), a cross-disciplinary high-tech designer, manufacturer and seller of geophysical instruments, published today that it has made a breakthrough in its in-house development project of muon tomographic instruments. These so-called muon monitors are based on its scientific team’s over a century-long combined research and decades-long experience in the detection of cosmic-ray muon radiation. Transilluminating technologies based on detection of muon radiation are currently used, for example, in archeological imaging of pyramids and geoscientific imaging of volcanoes. However, the down-hole muon monitoring probes developed and patented by the Company are the first practical solution for 3D density mapping of soil and rock formations by applying muon radiation and using existing drill holes as a media. This novel technology can now be applied sustainably to provide information about the density variations of rock formations, material heaps and cavities in large scale solid state structures. The Company’s probes fit nearly all standard sized drill holes. There are numerous potential application areas for this emerging cutting-edge technology, among which are ore and ground water exploration and real-time monitoring of density changes in both natural and man-made formations and structures. Muon-based density surveys provided by Muon Solutions Oy are powerful tools to cut expenses by allowing early detection of the targeted density anomalies, saving thus time, money and other resources.

About Muon Solutions Oy

Muon Solutions Oy is a privately owned cross-disciplinary technology and consultancy corporation established in Finland, May 2016. The Company’s backgrounds are in the particle physics, engineering, geology, geochemistry, geophysics, ore exploration and planetary geology, as well as in mining technology, mining safety and commercialization. Due to the varied backgrounds of its personnel, the Company is able to offer innovative solutions and exciting new products to its valued clients.

Contact: Marko Aittola, CEO, Muon Solutions Oy

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